Three Keys to Building High Performing Businesses



As small businesses grow, the ability of the owner/entrepreneur to wear a dozen "hats" diminishes. At the outset, its common to be the CEO, CFO, COO, etc., as well as the one that delivers value to the customers. Once a business begins to grow, the owner needs to start building an organization that can absorb some of those responsibilities and be scalable.


Without a doubt the serviced office is becoming more and more popular every day and not only in Europe but around the world and in many different countries. In fact, the serviced office industry itself has been growing phenomenally over the last decade or so. Even the global recession that has played havoc with so many businesses has not managed to impact the growth of this industry bar keeping it at a steadier pace than before.


If you are not using an accounting package to manage your bills, a good database can do an excellent job of this. And it's really cool when the suppliers are already in the database. You just have to add the bills function. Think of the analysis you could do on your buying patterns and budgets when you add bills processing to your database.